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Prophets Fall

A Massachusetts-based LARP Community

Prophets Fall, a Massachusetts-based LARP
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Prophets Fall was created and is run by a group of LARPers from Massachusetts with extensive LARPing experience. Now, our staff and player base has expanded such that people travel from several states away to attend events. Our weekend-long events are generally held twice each season (our seasons are Fall and Spring), with occasional one-day events in the Summer. We are looking into incorporating a winter event this year. Prophets Fall has been running strong for over three years, since our first event in March of 2002. Feel free to comment or e-mail for more information, we are always looking for new members!

The tenth event will take place September 23 - 25 at the 4H Camp Middlesex in Ashby, MA. Directions can be found here: http://www.campmiddlesex.com/rental/directions.html. Please see the post made on September 2nd, 2005 or www.prophetsfall.com/events.html for more details.